Organic Food


• Green Gram Whole
  (Moong Whole)

• Green Gram Split With Skin
  (Moong Dal)

• Green Gram Split With Skin
   (Moong Mogar)

• Moth Whole

• Moth Split With Skin

• Moth Split Without Skin

• Black Gram Whole With Skin
  (Urad Whole)

• Black Gram Whole Without Skin
   (Urad Gota)

• Black Gram Split With Skin
  (Urad Dal)

• Black Gram Split Without Skin
  (Urad Dal Mogar)

• Yellow Pegion Peas
  (Arhar Dal/Tuwar Dal)
• Red Gram Whole With Skin
  (Masoor Whole)

• Red Gram Whole Without Skin
  (Masoor Malka)

• Masoor Split Without Skin
  (Masoor Dal)

• Soyabean Whole

• Red Kidney Beans (Rajma Red)

• Speckled Kidney Beans
  (Rajma Chitra)

• Brown Chick Peas Whole
  (Kala Chana)

• Bangal Gram (Chana Dal)

• Dollar Chick Peas (Kabuli Chana)

• Cowpea (Chawala)

• Green Peas (Vatana)

Packaging Options

BULK Packing
• HDPE - Plastic bags 25Kg
• HDPE - Brown Paper Coated Bags 25Kg.
• 3 layer packaging as per buyer's specification.

RETAIL Packaging
  We provide organic products in retail packing by Our Brand Name GREEN SENSE.
• Private Labeling – Private Labeling Option is available for organic retail. At present we are performing private labeling services for some of our prestigious customers based in USA, Germany and UK as per their specification.